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Seasonal Tokens Explained

Seasonal Tokens Explained is a YouTube Playlist with a collection of videos explaining the design principles involved in Seasonal Tokens.

Video 1) Seasonal Tokens Proof of Concept

The price data of the first 16 months of the project shows that the relative prices of the four tokens is following the expected prices resulting from the differences in mining supply.

Although prices show random fluctuations, they keep the relative order reflecting the differences in the rate of supply of the tokens.

On the fifth of June 2022 the rate of supply of Spring token was cut in half. This exerted an upward pressure on Springs price, and after five months Spring is the most expensive of the four tokens.

And you can see that the relative prices of the four tokens now follow the differences in the new rates of production, with Summer being the cheapest token, being the one produced at the fastest rate, followed by Autumn, and Winter.

Video 2) What is the Utility of Seasonal Tokens?

The utility of the seasonal tokens system is:

It allows you to increase the long-term value of your investment, even during bear markets.

It gives you the option to increase the total number of tokens you have without investing more fiat.

It is a more efficient way of producing cryptocurrencies, allowing investors to make profits by helping the mining economy.

Video 3) Trading Simulator

Try the simulator:

Simulator FAQ:

The Trading Simulator illustrates the design principles of the Seasonal Tokens system. Any more questions? Join our discord server, learning is free.

Video 4) Trading Tokens for More Tokens

Investors who anticipated the rise in Spring's Token price after the halving of mining supply on the fifth of June 2022, and traded their tokens for Spring, can now (5 months later) increase the total number of tokens they own.

This value comes from the spontaneous, (non-voluntary) collaboration among miners and investors that emerges from the entanglement in time of the four Token's smart contracts.

By trading tokens for the cheapest token, investors help the mining economy to become more efficient and restore the mining profitability of the cheapest token after the halving.

Video 5) Long Term Value

Trading tokens for more tokens of a different type increases the long-term value of the investment.

The long-term value of the tokens comes from their increasing cost of production. And the ability to increase the total number of tokens you have, by taking advantage of the cyclical variations in prices.

In the long term, all tokens will tend to have the same price, but in the short term the token prices will reflect the differences in the cost of production of each token.

Video 6) Mining Supply & Price Differences

The main feature of the Seasonal Tokens system is that the relative prices of the four tokens oscillate around one another over the course of years.

In this video, we take a closer look at the price mechanism behind these predictable price oscillations, and how price differences are caused by the mining supply schedule hard coded in the Token's smart contracts.

Video (7) Why Four Tokens?

The problem of Bitcoin’s mining profitability after the halving could be solved by having another profitable proof of work cryptocurrency to switch the mining power to. And the problem of long bear markets could be solved if there were cryptocurrencies that are rising in price while Bitcoin’s price is decreasing. But there are no other cryptocurrencies with these characteristics.

Creating another cryptocurrency to fulfill this role is unfeasible because it will require a blockchain as big as bitcoin’s to accommodate the mining power.

Seasonal Tokens solve these problems by creating four proof-of-work tokens running on the Ethereum Virtual Machine, so the tokens don’t need their own blockchain, transaction records and security of transactions are handled by the Ethereum network.

Their mining supply is specified in time so that every nine months one of the token's mining rewards will be cut in half.

This makes sure the relative prices of the tokens oscillate around one another independently of the external market conditions.

Video 8) Why Proof of Work?

The purpose of using proof of work in Seasonal Tokens is: to implement the economic, legal, and social aspects, embedded in Bitcoin’s design. In addition, there are financial aspects arising from the entanglement in time of the four token smart contracts.

Video 9) Equilibrium Mechanisms

In this video, we look at the equilibrium conditions of three important variables in Seasonal Tokens Economics: Rate of Production, Profitability of mining, and Relative Profitability. Mining difficulty acts as a restoring force for a stable equilibrium of the system.

Video 10) Introduction to Seasonal Tokens

This video explains the main features of the Seasonal Tokens System:

  • Increase the long-term value of your investment even during bear markets.
  • Produce tokens by Proof of Work mining.
  • Earn passive income providing liquidity to the markets.

It answers the most Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Why 4 tokens?
  2. What is the Utility of Seasonal Tokens?
  3. Can you mine and farm them?